A little bit about me...

Born in Elmhurst, Illinois and currently living in Villa Park. I have worn a few hats in my day including affiliate marketer, 3D artist and animator, and now full time developer. Regardless of the job, I always find myself happiest when I can fulfill my own creativity and help others succeed. Let's talk about what I can to do help you grow your business and achieve your goals!

The Full Stack


Design is the "pre-planning" phase of development. This includes any creation of content such as logos and other images. It also consists of planning out standards for the site such as color schemes and fonts. Finally, it involves laying out the content and overall flow of the website.


  • Adobe Photoshop (and similar)
  • Adobe Illustrator (and similar)
  • Paletton
  • Pen and paper

Front End

Front end development is where we turn concepts into real code. This essentially brings the proposed and approved designs to real life. We start by building the the sections, buttons, links, etc. Then we style it, and even begin to make the website interactive with real people.


  • HTML5
  • Tailwind, Bootstrap
  • Javascript ES6+
  • Vue.js, React.js, Jquery

Back End

Back end development focuses on setting up your server (where your website lives) and getting it connected with the world. We control how your website is sent over the internet and handle storing any data needed to make your website reflect the changes that your users make.


  • Go, Node.js, PHP
  • MySql, MongoDB
  • Apache, Express
  • Linux

Recent Projects

Support Small Streamers


Support Small Streamers is helping new streams across the globe reach the next level with their own branding

Role(s): Designer, Front end, back end

Team Villainous


An esports team featuring a roster that compete in tournaments in games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and more.

Role(s): Designer, Front end, back end

Hit or Miss Gaming


A site that hosts tournaments for Fortnite. Esports teams can sign up to compete after submitting their registration fee via Paypal.

Role(s): Front end, back end



More than just a corporate booking tool. Tempotrip.com allows companies to manage travel for their employees with groups and meetings.

Role(s): Front end, back end

Let's Get in Touch!

If you need a talented and engaging developer for your next big idea, we should discuss the details! Please send me a message and include all of the information you have available regarding your project. I will gladly sign that NDA and get down to business! Please include a url to your existing website if you already have one.